Status of the Fire Hall Solar-Electric Back-Up Project

Thanks to Guemes Islanders the fundraising total to date is $32,500!

Phase I of the solar back-up project has been completed with your support. 3 of the 5 matching grants of $1,000 offered by Carol & Howard Pellett have been accepted and the checks are in the mail.

Please consider a donation to meet one of the 2 remaining matching grants of $1,000. Your donation of $1,000 instantly becomes $2,000 when matched by Carol & Howard’s check for $1,000.

Please consider a second tax deductible donation of any amount you can to bring this great project home. Check with your employer to see if there is an employer match for your donation – many have such a program.

Please help make Guemes sustainable by donating to this great project!

Guemes Energy Efficiency Club

Call Howard 293-8128 or Bob 293-3770 for information.

- Howard Pellet


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