Welcome to Guemes Energy Efficiency Club (GEEC)

Guemes Energy Efficiency Club

Founded June 21st, 2006

To promote and be an information resource on the energy solutions providing sustainablity.

To investigate new technologies.

To have fun!

Home Power Magazine
articles on G.E.E.C.

Guemes Systems:

The Store: The Guemes general store gets a boost (500k PDF)

Kennan-Meyer: Combined solar and wind on top of the island (370k PDF)

Brown: Weekend cabin makes all its electricity with the sun. (440k PDF)

The Basics Explained:

Load Calculations Simplified (293k PDF)

Wind Generators Simplified (1.1M PDF)

Solar Electrics Simplified (1.1M PDF)

Solar Hot Water Simplified (940k PDF)

Micro-Hydro Electric Systems (930k PDF)

These are available courtesy of Home Power Magazine.These are copyrighted materials. Contact Home Power at www.homepower.com before reproducing in any fashion.

Monitoring Our
Solar-Electric Powe

Real-time and summary performance information on the Guemes Island Fire Station backup power system.

A Puzzle With Many Pieces

Sustainable Backup Power For A Rural Fire Station

Fat Spaniel's equipment, monitoring the Fire Hall Solar array, will begin feeding real-time and summary performance data to this page on LineTime in the coming weeks. Fat Spaniel generously donated the system to the Guemes Fire Hall project.


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